Our Services

What started as a modest family controlled activity at the turn of the century is today a well-recognized trusted business enterprise with operations across the Pakistan. Over the years, the Company has gone from strength to strength by continuously enhancing its portfolio of quality products and successfully achieving targeted goals.

A.I.International provides a complete Marketing, Sales and Distribution solutions to deliver best results, maximum profits and benefits.


Innovative Strategies to Better Position Products and Create Demand

The A.I.International Marketing team believes there are two ways to successful marketing. One is to match the existing demand and the other is to create demand. The latter of course, is more challenging and requires expertise. Fortunately, the Company’s marketing team has it. The team members’ qualifications and experience give them the knowledge and thorough understanding of the markets countrywide.

At the company’s Marketing Division, evolving innovative marketing strategies and proposals is an everyday practice. The creatively formulated effective strategies take into consideration the ever fluctuating political, economic, demand and supply scenarios together with challenging psychographic and demographic trends.

The latest marketing tools systems and software are in place along with local and international network connections to speed up all processes and activities.

In order to implement the innovative strategies, the Marketing Division has the flexibility to self-source, outsource or jointly carry out the relevant activities.


Constant Focus on Increasing Numbers to Increase Profits

At the A.I.International Sales Division, the Sales Team has a rich experience of selling diverse range of products. And that too with an often impressive record of achieving sales beyond set targets.

The above is possible only because of the thorough understanding of our own products and the competing products and brands.

Whether it’s a matter of Direct Sales, Indirect or On-Store Sales, the Team knows the ins and outs and all the tricks of the trade.

With the experience of making attractive offers, arranging carnivals and exhibitions for product sales, and successfully selling even in challenging conditions, the Sales Team has every feather in its cap.


Streamlining and Creating Effective Channels to Reach Customers

The Distribution Division at A.I.International is one of its kinds in many ways:

The Distribution Team has the experience and capability to handle a vast array of products and assignments of varying scales.

The Storage locations and distribution machinery is ever ready to undertake distribution activity regardless of unpredictable situations.

The Distribution Team has the skills, experience and systems in place that ensure effective planning monitoring and delivery of any given product/brand.